Hot sale Relax dryer for textile

Hot sale Relax dryer for textile
Product Description

The Introduction

The drying machine is used for drying cylinder and open-width fabric with three-layer belt. Because of circulating drying and run under different speed, the fabric could keep in loosen circumstance without any tension during the drying process.

We provide corresponding machine according to different types of fabric to meet your requirements totally.

Based on the different width of belt, we could supply different models as following:

DGHG-2000mm/2400mm/2800mm/3200mm(standard)/3600 mm

Based on the different heat sources, we could supply the following models with six heating methods:

  • Steam (0.8MPa)

  • Steam (2.8MPa)

  • Heat conduction oil

  • Gas (direct combustion)

  • Gas (indirectly) Biofuels

Our machines are equipped with conveyor belt made of Teflon material, it could bear high temperature and not pollute the fabric with non-staining.

Technical parameters

Working width

1450mm (cylinder length 1550mm)

Machine speed


Technical speed (actual speed when working)

15-20m/min (depends on process)

Steam box steam consumption

60 100kg/hour

Cylinder temperature

120 80

Temperature control precision


Cylinder heating pattern

steam heating(consumption: 4-6Kg/cm² steam 80-100Kg/H;)

Electric oil(consumption: 25-30KW/H)

Circulation oil( consumption 30000-50000Kcal/ H)

Machine power

steam heated 10Kw

electric oil 46 KW/H

circulation oil 10Kw


6400 x 2750 x 2250mm



Tubular Compacting Machine

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