Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

Yarn Package Dyeing Machine

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SS241H series Yarn package Dyeing Machine

Machine uage: SS241H Yarn package Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing processing cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, sheep, whool, T/C, acrylic /cotton blends, polyester, wool blends, hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn.

Technical Data

  • Low liquor ratio 1: 2.8-3.5
  • Design Temperature 160C
  • Max working temperature: 140C
  • Max working pressure: 0.45 Mpa
  • Savings in power and steam consumption by 15-20%
  • Heating time: Approx 30 min for temp rise 20C -130C(at steam pressure of 0.70 Mpa)
  • Cooling time: Approx 20 min for 130C-80C (at cooling water pressure of 0.3Mpa)


  • Balanced mixed-flow pump, as well as combination of axial and centrifugal principles, that can deliver greater liquor flow and higher heading for uniform dyeing effect at less energy consumption.
  • Internal heat-exchanger, coil-type, for more efficient steam utilization.
  • Tail-injection funnel device, patented design, for more homogenous dye and chemical liquor introduction to the main kier for uniform dyeing effection.
  • Flow reversal system by means of pneumatic cylinder.
  • Equipped with various type material carriers, i. E., packages, hanks, loose fiber, beams, etc.
  • Machine can be supplied with fully-flooded system, air-pad system, or combination of both.