Warehouse Automatic Packing Machine

Warehouse Automatic Packing Machine

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Automatic packing machine warehouse type

This packing type apply to the continuous packing for rolled cloth. It’s configurated latest design cloth carts overturn device. Rolled cloth in cloth carts is poured to the cloth-storage table by hydraulic forklift and sent to the main machine by input conveyor according to detector. Packed roll is sent to cloth carts by climb device. So that save worker and reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. This type of machine is compact structure, small occupied area and suitable for warehouse packing integrate use .

Technical parameter

  • Machine modeBZ-2900
  • Packing rate : 4-6 rolls/min
  • Host machine size:L2740*W3140*H2360MM
  • Packing size: roll diameter 100mm-500mm
  • PE film thickness:0.04-0.1mm
  • Air pressure requirements: 6KG/CM3
  • Packing technology: automatic color separation packing technology