Oil removing washing machine for yarn dyed knit fabrics

Oil removing washing machine for yarn dyed knit fabrics

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Oil removing washing machine for yarn dyed knit fabrics

Technical parameter

  • Working width: 2400-2600mm
  • Main voltage: 380V/3PHASES/50HZ
  • Air pressure: 7bar
  • Steam pressure: 4bar
  • Water pressure: 2bar
  • Operation style: left hand or right hand (optional)

Technical advantage

High automatic control

  • Use Siemens automatic control system, visible running state.
  • Intelligent recipe management system, automatic collect 50 items machine running data, automatic storage and call out data, strong operation
  • Automatic dosing water system to feed water by fabric's weight or pre-set process receipt
  • Automatic dosing chemicals system, measuring pump precise control dosing proportion, precise unit to ml/L.
  • Automatic PH neutralization system, automatically dosing acid according to the pre-set PH value, high accuracy.

Low tension running

  • Use tension sensor to monitor the tension of each section of the washing box in real time to ensure the low tension running.
  • The reasonable and compact fabric line, use main driving roller to reduce fabric running tension.
  • Tension compensator control system, compensate and adjust running tension according to constantly monitor data.
  • The whole machine's driving control system use advanced communication control principle, can collect tension data with high speed and control and adjust the drive motor drive ratio to achieve low tension running.

Even washing

Water tank heating method is bottom indirect heated by heating panelLINK patented product). The entire surface of washing box is heated evenly to guarantee same washing effect in fabric's left, middle and right.

Washing box use high efficient turbulent net roller structure (patented product), turbulent net roller return work to get water flow to rinse fabric evenly, improve washing efficiency.

Spray evenly, equipped with big circulation pump, use water flow circulation stabilization device patented product), to guarantee spray pressure is same in left-middle-right.

Precise dosing system and special feeding method to guarantee same dosing in fabric left-middle-right.

The feeding water is pre-heating by heat ex-changer, to make fresh water and original water temperature is closed, to reduce temperature fluctuation.

Low energy consumption

  • Water tank heating method is bottom indirect heated by heating panel, reduce water capacity and chemical dosing. Fast water exchange between washing box and filter to guarantee even chemical concentration.
  • The washing tank's bottom heating panel is covered by heat resisting insulation to make sure stable water temperature in washing box and prevent heat loss.
  • Equipped with vacuum suction machine to remove oil, reduced water consumption of subsequent oil-removing processing.
  • Washing compartment use stair-stepping overflow design, each compartment can independently feed water, drain water and overflow water. Can flexible set process, effectively save water.

Simple operation mode

  • The whole machine is automatic controlled, visible running data, warning tips for production consumption and trouble list and so on, strong operation mode.
  • Production process receipts can be stored and recalled by computer system to maximally guarantee reproducibility of the production process.
  • Touch screen intuitively display the machine running work output, water consumption, air consumption, steam and energy consumption. It's easy to collect and analyse.
  • The machine’s central control system use Siemens newest products. Can connect with customer's ERP system and know the real-time machine running data through remote and remote diagnosis.