Normal Temperature Overflow Fabric Dyeing Machine

Normal Temperature Overflow Fabric Dyeing Machine

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Normal Temperature Overflow Fabric Dyeing Machine

Applicable to various fabrics

With a specially-designed nozzle structure, it enables the fabrics in loose and expanded conditions during the dyeing process. It has an excellent performance in dyeing tight and heavy fabrics and can eliminate the crease mark problem, which is usually seen in other dyeing machines.

Technical Data

  • Liquor Ratio: 1: 3.5~5
  • Operating Speed: 450m/min
  • Maximum working temperature: 140° C
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.36Mpa
  • Temperature heating rate: 5° C per minute on average from 25° C-100° C, 2.5° C per minute on average from 100° C-130° C(Pressure of dry saturated vapor 0.7Mpa)
  • Temperature cooling rate: 3° C per minute on average from 130° C-100° C, 2° C per minute on average from 100° C-85° C(Cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa, 25° C)


  • The vertical heat exchanger enables the condensated water to be drained instantly and reduces time in the shifting between hot and cold water. Also, it can avoid the formation of water scale, extend the service life of heat exchanger.
  • The inlet pipe of the main pump is optimized, the height of water inlet is lowered and hence the water consumption is reduced significantly.
  • The u-shaped fabric tank and X-Y fabric plaiting system increase the loading capacity by 20%. Meanwhile, by plaiting in multiple directions, tangling problems can be completely avoided.
  • Leading dyeing control system, in combination with dually balancing flow feeding system and constant pressure and stable flow rate, a uniform dyeing is guaranteed.
  • The height of machine and operation platform is lowered and size of the operation platform is reduced, making operation much more convenient. The bottom of the dye vat is specially designed so as to reduce water storage and lower liquor ratio effectively.
  • With unique main vat circulation system, the temperature difference of entire dye vat from top and bottom and evenness of feeding is controlled at optimum conditions.
  • Rotating spray is adopted for main vat cleaning and the whole vat is within the range of cleaning, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Flow chart comparision between old and new design

  • Extremely low liquor ratio reduces the water consumption greatly.
  • Compared with traditional dyeing machine, the salt, auxiliary and steam consumption are saved by 50%.
  • Lowest installed power, hence lowest electrical energy consumption.
  • Faster dyeing cycle, hence enhanced productivity.
  • User-friendly operation and easy maintenance.

The time duration of the whole dyeing process for pure cotton fabric by using reactive dyes is analyzed as follows

  • Light color: 250mins.
  • Medium color: 270mins.
  • Dark color: 390minutes.

Min running liquor ratio (does not include water in the material) is as low as 1: 1.5. The water consumption of the whole dyeing process for cotton fabric (per KG) by using reactive dyes is analyzed as follows.

  • Light Color: 27.2kgs
  • Medium Color: 37.5kgs
  • Dark color: 47.4kgs