High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

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High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

Applicable Cloth Varieties:

Sprayed water folow with high pressure and flow rate up to 3KG/cm2 is useful for dyeing non-splitting and non-pilling cloth, like high count, new synthetic satin, tricot, suede cloth, peach-skin processing, Talon, Tsctel, Figured cloth, Bengaline, rib fabric, interlock fabric, poplin. Fluting, crepe, mesh fabric, oxford cloth, taffeta, middy twill and curled edge cloth, woven with T 100%, T/C, CVC, T/R, N/C, N/T, N/R, R/T, CD/T/R and NC/TR, as well as union cloth interwoven and blended with various chemical fibers or long staple, cut fibers, spraying in the proper range 0.5~1kg/cm2 can satisfy special operating requirements of resilient fabric and low-tension fabric.

Main Technical Features:

Extra large capacity:

  • Short investment recovery period.
  • Reduction of dyeing difference between throughs in batch production.
  • Increasing productive efficiency.

Flexible water flow produces smaller impact on surface of high-grade cloth to ensure cloth to be non-pilling and yarn to be non twisting.

Specially designed bending heads can meet the requirements of no dead corner, small tension and bath ratio.

Working Principle

When the machine works, the fabrics are transferred to the nozzle by fabric drive reel, driven by frequency converter. Meanwhile, the dyestuff is pumped from the tank by the circulation pump, then transferred to the nozzle after heating by heat exchanger. The fabrics are pushed to guide pipe and finally are piled up in the dye vat. Level dyeing and fast dyeing is well done after the cycle operation is processed.

Technical Data

  • Max. Working temperature: 980C
  • Power Supply: Three phase 380V/50Hz
  • Applied Working Pressure: 0.25Mpa
  • Applied Compressed air pressure: 0.4Mpa