High Temperature & Pressure HTHP Dyeing Machine

High Temperature & Pressure HTHP Dyeing Machine

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High Temperature & Pressure HTHP Dyeing Machine

Machine usage:

SS241N High-temperature high pressure HTHP Yarn Package Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing processing cotton ,polyester ,acrylic ,nylon,sheep ,whool,T/C,acrylic /cotton blends ,polyester,wool blends,hemp and cotton blends or any kind of blended yarn.(all parts in touch with the liquor adopts superior quality material SS316L which meets the need of pressure vessel standards.The maximum working temperature is 140'Cand max working pressure is 4.5kg/cm2)

Technical Data:

  • Low liquor ratio 1:5-6
  • Design Temperature 160° C
  • Max working temperature:140° C
  • Max working pressure:0.45 Mpa
  • Savings in power and steam consumption by 15-20%
  • Heating time:Approx 30 min for temp rise 20° C -130° C(at steam pressure of 0.70 Mpa)
  • Cooling time:Approx 20 min for 130° C-80° C (at cooling water pressure of 0.3Mpa)


  • Internal heat-exchanger, coil-type, for more efficient steam utilization.
  • Flow reversal system by means of pneumatic cylinder.
  • Equipped with various type material carriers, i.E., packages, hanks, loose fiber, beams, etc.
  • Machine can be supplied with fully-flooded system, air-pad system, or combination of both.

Circulation System:

  • Fully-automatic/pneumatic flow reversing device to control in-out /out-in flow and time, there are three pressure gauges installed on the kier body to display the pressure of in-out/out-in flow and the pressure inside the kier.
  • Main pump motor equipped with frequency inverter to control the main pump flow and differential pressure.