High Temperature Dyeing Machine

High Temperature Dyeing Machine

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High Temperature Dyeing Machine

Main Application

This model is suitable for a wide range of woven and kitted fabric and can also be used for the new innovative elastic fabric, weighting from 60 G/M2 to 600G/M2.

Exclusive Features

  • It takes a unique design of dual-purpose nozzle for overflow and jet. Customers only need to replace the nozzle accordingly and may change from the soft overflow water which is gentle and of low pressure and large capacity to jet water which is of high pressure and high speed.
  • The fabric drive reel with an adjustable orifice may reduce the tensile force to the lowest level and can also eliminate the fabric radius fold.
  • Short fabric groove, proper cloth length
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low height of the operation table
  • Low shrinkage after dyeing

Technical Data

  • Constant liquor ratio: 1: 6
  • Maximum working temperature: 140 C
  • Heating rate: 20 C~140 C average 35min
  • Cooling rate: 140C~60C average 30min
  • Speed: Jetflow 0~450m/min
  • Overflow 0~250m/min