Digital Rotary printing machine

Digital Rotary printing machine

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Digital Rotary printing machine

Machine introduction:

Open-width type fabric feeding, heighten fabric-feed frame and advance fabric centering device, which can keep the fabric more smooth, stable to feed.

Have two kinds of blanket gluing system of water-soluble paste and thermal plastic resin for option, the screen roller feed paste and the blade scraper scrape the paste to ensure the paste feeding more even , which operation is simple and reliable.

The dryer chamber adopt modular and three-layer constructure design which is compact, less area occupied, fabric-feed of chamber low down, the tension regulation frame and fabric-exit roller adopt independent drive which is effective to keep low tension.Save energy and flexible with wide application scope.

PLC control system, the parts adopt Austria manufacturing technology and the pneumatic drive system design into a module to reliaze centralized control which guarantee the machine working in reliability, stability and easy to operate.

Registering system:

  • Repeat registering: adopt plane cam differential machanism to adjust
  • Horizontal registering: adopt screw-nut machanism to adjust
  • Diagonal registering: adopt eccentric shaft slider machanism to adjust.

Blanket water washing system

Pre-washing: spray water, use wide-meshed spunge to collect thrum and others;

Washing: adopt movable design, use insulating spunge to brush the surface of blanket , and use the rubber scraper to scratch the dust and water on the surface of blanket

Color supply system: adopt stainless steel gear pump to supply paste, which have automatic and manual control for option.

Machine parameters:

  • Application: suitable for natural fiber, chemical fiber, blended fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, non-woven fabric, etc.
  • Manual type registering system
  • Adopt collective drive, PLC control system
  • Nominal width: 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2600mm, 2800mm, 3000mm, 3200mm
  • Color: 12468101216
  • Repeat: 640mm, 754mm, 819mm, 914mm, 1018mm
  • Registering precision: + 0.1mm

Registering regulation scope:

  • Repeat registering:+20
  • Horizontal registering: +7
  • Diagonal registering: +3

9. Dryer chamber:

Heating source of dryer chamber: steam, thermal oil and natural gas for option

Number of chamber: the standard is equip with 4 chambers, if the nominal width of machine is over 2400mm, it is better to equip with more chambers, which is up to the fabric you want to print.

Machine structure: consist of 4 parts which included fabric-entry, printing unit, dryer and fabric-exit.