Automatic Rope Opening Squeezing Suction Machine

Automatic Rope Opening Squeezing Suction Machine

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Automatic Rope Opening Squeezing Suction Machine

Product instruction

Automatic rope opening squeezing suction machine:

Our automatic rope opening squeezing suction machine apply to rope opening, squeezing and suction process for woven & knit cotton fabric, rayon fabric, poly/cotton fabric, bi-stretch fabric, pante roma, bengaline, denim fabric. One person operate the machine, replace the traditional rope opening machine, dryer, effectively shorten the after-finishing time. Fabric goes through the big squeezing roller, being squeezed out water then suck out water by vacuum suction machine, can effectively avoid the fabric crease, reducing the fabric moisture to improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Above structure is suitable for warp knitted nylon fabric, poly fabric and high spandex fabric.

Technical parameter

  • Machine mode:-KYX-2200
  • Working width: 2200-3500mm
  • Working speed: 0-100m/min
  • External size: L7900*W3500*H6000mm

Technical advantage

Vacuum suction machine is made from Taiwan roots blower, mature structure. Compared with water circulation vacuum pump, saving power 30%, saving water, and more strong suction strength.

The whole machine is controlled by PLC communication, stable running smoothly when high and low tension simultaneous start. waterproof touch screen, a key to start, easy to operate.

The whole machine configuring 8 item security devices to ensure the safety of operating the machine and stability of fabric quality during processing.

J-BOX (rope squeezer) is configurated the latest function: no cloth stop; encountered a cloth knot stop; pressing cloth stop; pulling cloth stop; make the operation more easy and intelligent.

The whole machine frame is made of stainless steel 304. Electrical equipment is made from German Siemens brand and reasonable selection and machine is durable.